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Andy Lau Top Hongkong Actor

Andy Lau Tak-Wah MH, JP (born 27 September 1961) is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer, actor, and film producer. Lau has been one of Hong Kong's most commercially successful film actors since the mid-1980s, performing in more than 160 films while maintaining a successful singing career at the same time.

In the 1990s, Andy Lau was branded by the media as one of the Four Heavenly Kings of Cantopop (四大天王) along with Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung and Leon Lai.

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andy lau top hongkong actor

andy lau

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Jessica Hsuan Hot Hongkong Actress

Jessica Hester Hsuan, or Suen Huen (Chinese: 宣萱; pinyin: Xuān Xuān; [IPA: syn hyn]; born 18 August 1970 in Hong Kong) is a Chinese Hongkong actress. Jessica holds a degree from Imperial College London.

She is currently one of the most popular television actresses of Hong Kong. She started her career in late 1992 and early 1993. Back in the 90's, Jessica was constantly in the limelight for not getting along with a few actresses, though most of the rumours had subsided by the 2000s.

Jessica Hsuan changed her contract to a "per-series" as of late 2006, after it was disclosed that she did not renew her current contract. She is no longer under TVB's management, and under her former manager, Carri Ma. Jessica is currently under the management of Lydia Lo.

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Jessica Hsuan Cute and Sexy Photos
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jessica hsuan hot hongkong actress

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Jeannie Hsieh Jin-yan Top Taiwanese Actress

Jeannie Hsieh Jin-yan (謝金燕) is a famous Taiwanese singer and actress. She was chosen “Miss legs” (美腿小姐) in a TV variety show and soon after new opportunities emerged for her.

Jeannie Hsieh started to act in movies and drama. She released her first music album in 1993. But she really rose to fame after 2000, when she changed her music style to electronic dance. Her best year was 2005 with many smash hits as well as this year, when she returned with her dance hit Beep Beep Beep (嗶嗶嗶), which is sung in Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese and English.

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Jeannie Sexy Photos
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Jeannie Hsieh hot taiwanese actress
Jeannie Hsieh Hot Wallpapers
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Kelly Lin Hot Photos Wallpapers

Kelly Lin Chinese name Hsi -Lei is a Taiwanese actress and model who has appeared mainly in Hong Kong films. Lin initially wanted to be a singer and has already recorded demo tapes for a record company, but she was given numerous offers for modeling on television and print ads.

She was hailed by FHM as “Asia’s Sexiest Woman” in 2002, and has graced the cover of numerous fashion magazines in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. She has also appeared on copies of Marie Claire - French Edition (2005) and VOGUE Italia (2007).

Kelly Lin has been seen in various Hong Kong films. With her success as an actress, she decided to drop her hopes of becoming a singer.

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Kelly Lin Sexy Photos
kelly lin hot taiwan actress

kelly lin mandarin actress

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Kelly lin hot wallpapers

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Cindy Yen Top Taiwan Singer Actress

Cindy Yen (Chinese name Yen Yong Lin 袁咏琳) is one of popular Taiwan Actress. She was born November 14,1986 in Texas, USA. Her profession is a singer.

Cindy Yen was the first artist to be signed to Jay Chou's company, JVR Music, in 2009.

cindy yen taiwan actress

cindy yen and jay chou

cindy yen hot photo

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